Monday, May 23, 2011

Discussion Text : Examination

Education English | Discussion Text : Examination  | Many people say that the examinations should be abolished because they are not the best measure of student's capabilities. These people believe that students  can study on their own and do better without the nagging worry and pressure exerted by the examinations.
Yet, there are persuasive reasons to show that examination should not be abolished. It is insufficient that teacher assigns homework and correct it. Because this is done under supervision, they can not be sure that is really the work of the students themselves. Moreover homework is not a test of student's ability; homework is more a method of merely keeping him occupied.
Nowadays, in the hunt for jobs, students need to produce some evidence of their capabilities. Prospective employers like to see copies of examination result; this is only way student's qualification can be judged. This attitude greatly encourages the use of examinations, if not making them a necesity.
(Taken From : Bahasa Inggris SMA dan MA, 2008)

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