Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Speech: The World Environment Day

Education English | Speech: The World Environment Day| Good morning, greeting prosperous for you all,
Ladies and Gentlemen
Let's once again on the occasion of a good and full of blessings we pray toward praise and gratitude the presence of God Almighty because we are still given the health, strength and opportunity to continue our worship, our work and our devotion and duty to society, nation and beloved country. We are also grateful today to present to commemorate the World Environment day ...... year, therefore, begin my remarks on this important day, I would like to say congratulations and appreciation to the Nobel award. The first to the mother country, the minister of forestry, and the people of Indonesia for receiving the Certificate of global leadership. The certificate that reads, in addition to the mother country and to the forestry minister also to the people of Indonesian. Thus, the Indonesian people deserve praise for hard to plant and maintain trees, including 10 world best.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The theme of World Environment Day celebrations this year is that this in English which was formulated by a world environmental agency, United Nations Environment Program, the carbon dioxide, Kick the habit toward a low carbon economy, which we translate and formulate our return to Indonesia, change behavior and prevent environmental pollution. CO2 is polluting our air, excessive emissions, that causes global warming. Therefore if we formulate the right to change behavior and prevent environmental pollution. Last year in this room we also commemorate the World Environment day of the year ...... the theme of the United Nations is meeting to formulate the Ice, A hot topic, which we then formulated to Indonesia, climate change, beware of environmental disaster.

The brothers and Gentlemen,
That is what I have to say, I conclude, it is time we act to save our environment, our Indonesia, our earth. What I'd let us run together. Good luck brothers and sisters, God is with us.
Thank you.

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