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Speech: Events Celebration of Birthday of Prophet Muhammad

Education English | Speech: Events Celebration of Birthday of Prophet Muhammad | Assalamualaikum wr.wb
Audience presence of the blessed, brothers of the Muslims across the country that I love,
On this auspicious occasion, I invite all attendees to once again praise and thanksgiving we are the presence of god almighty, because we were all given the opportunity, health and strength to continue our work, our devotion and duty to the community, nation and beloved country , even the duty, and our dedication to help build a better world civilization to bring peace justice and prosperity. We are also grateful for the presence of almighty god because tonight we can celebrate the Prophet Muhammad 's event.
Let us not forget also our prayers and greetings to our lord great prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his family, friends, and followers until the end of time and hopefully include us all.
Ladies and Gentlemen and Gentlemen,
Every time we commemorate the Prophet Muhammad 's event there are two main things stated. First we recall his struggle very hard to build the Islamic , nation building and state building and finally succeeded. The second one is always reminded us to strengthen our awareness of and commitment to imitate and emulate what our prophet. very small man in front of god, we're all humans are far from what is owned and performed by Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him,. Therefore, we must improve our personality from day to day from time to time and we try to emulate what has been done by our prophet. Through lecture we get a lot of things about your personality and the struggle of the prophet, including what you have in our example.
Ladies and Gentlemen and Gentlemen,
Every time we commemorate the prophet's birthday we always get great value and lessons of leadership in addressing issues rasullullah, test and challenge the mighty weight of that era. Large values, the lessons we can learn that I can point out at night to become self-reflective materials is the nature of his patient, tough, and remain grateful to the challenge and anything. The second was his attitude that is responsible, keep trying and trying hard to solve the problem. Because of that depart from the two values ​​and the big lesson, I urge all leaders in this country is the task to be modeled . Not to leadership of the Messenger of Allah said there should be no surrender and despair, let's face it we live and keep us awake beloved country towards a better tomorrow.
Thus the message of hope and a call that I can say, may god almighty always continues to provide support and guidance, instructions and his safe to us all.
Wassalamualaikum wr.wb

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