Monday, August 1, 2011

Education English | Speech: Inauguration Event Project Development

Education English | Speech: Inauguration Event Project Development | Assalamualaikum wr. Wb
Ladies and Gentlemen and Gentlemen,
On this auspicious occasion, I invite all attendees to once again praise and thanksgiving we are the presence of god almighty, because we were all given the opportunity, health and strength to continue our work, our devotion and duty to the community, nation and beloved country .
Today we are truly grateful for the first, soon the father / mother, brothers and sisters who want to perform the pilgrimage to the holy land will go certainly to the accompaniment of prayers and hope all of us, hopefully the pilgrimage to the father / mother, brothers exert well , and a blessing for themselves, their families and from which originated for all of you. go for this pilgrimage. I hope also during his stay in the holy land truly in earnest to do as outlined in a series of Shari'a pilgrimage. I underline that the governor had delivered by relatives, in addition to praying for yourself, your family, please pray also our brothers in this western Sumatran hope god gives a bright path for our nation's journey toward a better future, tomorrow lighter.
Secondly we are also grateful that today we will have inaugurated the use of embarkation dembarcation and pilgrims in this magnificent place to provide better services to pilgrims. West Sumatra has a good international airport. And of course we hope with this magnificent airport capacity or international level and was accompanied with a better service in the pilgrimage, from its dembarkation its embarkation transportation, leaving the western Sumatran this to the holy land will hopefully later return safely. It's all hope we can be carried out with the best service. Thankfully with the establishment of embarkation is coupled well with the construction of this airport, hopefully again we can increase our worship in the future.
That's what I can convey at this auspicious occasion, begged the pleasure of finally with god almighty dembarkasi boarding and embarkation desert pilgrimage, I declare officially opened with its use.
Sekian.wassalamualaikum wr. Wb.

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