Tuesday, October 11, 2011

English Speech: National Children's Day

Education English | English Speech: National Children's Day | Assalamualaikum wr. wb
Peace to all of us
I respect the leaders of higher institutions of state, ministers and members of United Indonesia Cabinet, The noble ambassadors of friendly countries to Indonesia, regional leaders who attended the event, leaders and members of the Indonesian child protection commission, leaders of foundations and community organizations that specialize activities to assist, protect, nurture and educate our children.

I love the teachers and parents and children all whom I love and I am proud of.
Come on this auspicious occasion we say we praise and thank the almighty presence of God, because we are still given the opportunity, strength and health to continue our worship, our work and work and our dedication to the nation and beloved country.

We are also grateful today to jointly attend the child day national summit this year. Therefore I also want to use this good opportunity to congratulate the national child day, hopefully in this events and a series of activities that had been delivered by the brother of the social minister can improve children's spirits Indonesia to go ahead and continue to learn to become the nation's best sons and daughters and also my hope to strengthen the responsibility of us all, states, governments, communities, parents, educators of the importance of our efforts to nurture, prepare and educate the children of Indonesia to carry out the noble task in the future.

Brothers and sisters, children all that I love.
Year's national theme of the day the child was delivered by social minister, my true child Indonesia, independent and creative.
Another relevant theme is the son of Indonesia could be as a translation or a continuation of Indonesia could, mean Indonesia can be developed and prosperous country.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
If we're talking kids, not just talk the protection, beyond that, we must talk how to educate, and prepare them all into the nation's best sons, a cadre of the nation, a leader in Indonesia is different strata, different professions. In this connection it is very important educational pathways. Minister of national education is here let us set, let's guidance, let's educate them to be moral, character and personality of our children well.That's the most important capital. The second, that the physical body and our children are healthy and strong. The third was that our children are intelligent, caring and creative. The 21st century is the century of creativity and innovation. The fourth order our children to love their nation and country and love the environment. And the fifth order with care, guidance and education that our children get along, love of neighbor, to his friends and was actually the forerunner of the national unity of Indonesia. Let us care again and continue to contribute to this great effort for our children.

And my thanks and appreciation to the leadership, foundations, fighters, volunteers, philanthropists who care for and educate our children. That's what can I say, once again the children survived. We all love let us together move forward towards a developed and prosperous Indonesia in the 21st century.
so and thanks
Wassalamualaikum wr. wb

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