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Narrative Text : The Legend of Lake Toba

Education English | Narrative Text : The Legend of Lake Toba | Once upon time there was a poor fisherman. He living in North Sumatra. One day, while he was fishing in a river, a big fish was nailed. The fish had gold color all over its body. It was beautiful . The fisherman was very excited. He imagined a delicious dinner he would have. Soon he put the fish in his basket and went home happily.
The fisherman went fishing again, but this time he could not get any fish. He went home with nothing in his hand. He was starving and walked home slouching. He was surprised when he saw smoke was came out from his kitchen.
" Who is cooking my kitchen?" the fisherman was confused.
He peeped in and was surprised knowing that there was a beautiful girl cooking in the kitchen the fisherman entered the room.
" Who are you?" he asked the girl
"I'm the fish" the girl said.
The fisherman looked into the wash basin and saw nothing in it, "the fish?" he as incredoulous, " yes, you did not kill me and I very thankful, I will return your kindness,"the girl said.
"That's all right. I did not ask any return" said the fisherman. " but I have to.." the girl insisted. " Well , I live alone. I don't have a family, if you want to be my wife, I will be be very happy" The fisherman ask the firl .
The girl smiled and said " I'd love to, but you have to promise me that if we have a kid, you will not tell him about me"
And so, the fisherman and the girl were married. And then they had a child. The child's name Samo. Samo was very naughty. He always played had never helped his parents.
One day, Samo's mother ask him to deliver lunch to his father. On his way. he met his friends and forgot to deliver his father's lunch. Samo played with his friends . When he was tired and hunfry he took a rest under a tree and ate his father's lunch.
Meanwhile, his father waited for him starving and tired. His father went home and saw Samo played. The fisherman was very furiously because knowed he's lunch be ate Samo. His father yelled and evicted Samo from his house . His father broken the promise he say "'s son"
Suddenly. the sky got dark and the storm was rumbling . The rain felt from the sky like a huge hose sprayed water all over the place water also came out from the earth and got harder.
Samo's mother very sad " I told you not to tell him about me" she said to her husband, " Now I am going back to a fish again " Good bye"!" She magically turned into a gold fish and jumped into the water, disappear . Very soon the village was drowned and it formed a lake. meanwhile, Samo run to he hill and stayed there. The hill was surrounded by the water.

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