Monday, January 23, 2012

Recount Text : Senggigi Beach

Education English | Recount Text : Senggigi Beach | Cause there was no school. Suddenly, my telephone was rung. It was my friend Fanny, she asked me to go out at 10.00 o clock. She wanted to buy something in traditional market.
Finally, we were out. In the street, I saw a piece of pink coupon. Interested with its colour, I took it, then Fanny and I read this out. We were fully shocked, it was a receipt of a four nights tour to Lombok !! The expired date was that day. To our surprised, the name was Fanny Fenita and the birth date was exactly the same like Fanny my friend, and it was also valid for two persons. My God!! We were thinking that maybe the coupon just fell from the sky and it was there for us.
We were in hurried to the address of the tour agency that issued the coupon. The tour agency took care of everything. We went home and still could not believe what was going on. Two days later we were on the Senggigi Beach, lied in the warmth sun. Moreover, we had long public holiday, so we could enjoy the “gift” happily. We also bought some presents for our family and friends.
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