Sunday, August 19, 2012

Teaching English for Young Learners

Education English | Teaching English for Young Learners | Due to the fact that English is one of international language used entire the world in both oral and written forms, it is necessary that English be taught to the students from the elementary level as well as young learners. This is meant to provide them to be more ready and to prepare them for the next level of education in order to ease the absorption of science and technology, art, and culture which have been developing around the world.
When we look at the reasons for why and how we teach young learners, it is necessary to review a little of the history of teaching English to young learners. It has an apparent history of erratic interest. It can be traced back over three or four centuries in developed countries where there is long standing educational traditions and an education conscious middle or upper class. This was an unlikely task even for older school children. However, there has been a recent revival of interest in the teaching of English as a foreign language to young learners due the increasing need to communicate with people of other nations in a world which has seen many recent changes in its political and geographical boundaries. Language teaching is developing rapidly in Europe where the previous experience in the teaching of foreign languages was mainly to adult and secondary school children. Knowledge of foreign languages is a key element in the construction of European community and also plays an important role in the development of cultural and economic links between neighboring countries within the European Community. The European approach to the planning of the primary school curriculum is to incorporate an awareness of this situation. It is therefore with this aim in mind that I am going to talk about Using an activity based Curriculum with Young Learners. In Indonesia, English is also taught starts from elementary school students. The English curriculum is composed and stated as the local content begins at the
first grade of elementary school. Moreover, in some schools, English is taught to kindergarten students. It shows that the importance of English teaching and learning becomes one of priorities as well as strengthen points to improve the quality of our education system.

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